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2015 Re-certifcation Test

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

The test is finally available online for all those who are waiting to complete their re-certification for 2015. Remember to pay your fee or you will not receive a new badge for 2015 and will not be placed on the assignor’s list for 2015.

Test taking instructions:
1. Use your real name, no handles or your test will not count and you will not get credit
2. Do Not take tests you are not qualified to take. Only take the exam you need to re-certify. Several referees took all 3 tests last year. Do Not do this as these tests are paid for by your State Association Fees. Keep the tests free for everyone.

Youth Referee-Grade 8 
Take Youth Referee test

Pwd: USSF_YouthRef2015


Adult Referee-Grade 7
Take the Adult Referee test

Pwd: USSF_AdultRef2015


State Referee-Grade 6
Take the State Referee test

Pwd: USSF_StateRef2015