This section introduces you to the Assessor World and provides information for you to ensure an assessor is available at your matches when needed.

–  Assessors are observers that participate in your match off the field. They observe the performance of the referee team and provide feedback at the end of the match. Feedback is provided verbally and in a written report.

–  Referees seek assessments in order to upgrade their license or to renew it each year. Assessments can also provide exposure for youth referees or talented officials that pursue higher levels of play.

–  All assessments need to be approved by your SRA, Tony Gomes and then scheduled through the SDA, Steve Buchthal. Be sure to communicate your goals and what you hope to achieve in officiating. Your current experience will be evaluated and then a recommended development track for your career. A development track could include:

  • Mentor Program
  • Informal evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Upgrading

Referees are assessed January 1 through December 31 for the following registration year.

· The fee for upgrade assessments is usually the game fee for the assessed game.

· The fee for maintenance assessments is paid by HSRA to the assessor.

· Any other type of assessments (developmental etc.) are to be arranged via the SDA and the fee will be negotiated with either the League or assessor. Please verify this BEFORE you get assessed.

Advice to referees:

–  Submit a listing of all games officiated to the SRA,Tony Gomes for approval to be assigned an assessment for upgrade. Game listings should include team names, officiating team, dates and league name. All games must be USSF sanctioned games.

–  An assessment is good for 12 months, have your assessments done as early as possible. Doing so will make you eligible to submit your 2006 paperwork earlier and therefore get your Referee packet earlier.

–  You are responsible and accountable for making an assessment happen. The assessment program provides you the resources, but you are the owner accountable for your development.

–  All correspondence MUST be via email. The SRA, SDA and Assessors have a family life and wish to keep their soccer lives as their ad vocation rather than a source of potential family conflict. Telephone correspondence will be only by initiated if they feel it is required to assist you.

–  Early assessments prevent disappointments due to game cancellations, rainouts or assessor availability.

–  To assure that the assessor sees your best physical effort, arrange for assessments on your first match of the day.

–  Follow the defined process.You are important to us, but you are one of the many referees who are important to us! We strive to serve each and every referee equally. The program can not AND will not make an exception for you!!

Submit your request for assessment to SRA, Tony Gomes & SDA, Steve Buchthal for approval.

Email SRA & SDA request