Referee Clinics


  • All USSF affiliates,including HYSA, Oahu League, WISA, MISO Jrs and MISO require that all referees be certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).
  • The Grade 8 CERTIFICATION clinic is a beginners clinic consisting of two (2) to two (2)sessions, for a total of sixteen (12) hours of classroom instruction. Additional field work hours of 2 hours will be scheduled.
  • Registration will be based on the following
  • 1. Sign-up for and payment online of $35 for class
  • 2. Youth minimum age 12 years. Must be 12 at time of registration
  • You MUST attend both sessions and pass the written exam to become a referee. Contact the State Director of Instruction by email with any questions. Classes are held quarterly and will be announced via a blog entry page on the home page of this site.


All current referees must re-certify for the upcoming year or you are not covered under the USSF group liability coverage in the event of an injury, referee assault or a lawsuit from a player, parent, spectator or coach. You will not be able to referee if you do not re-certify by 31 December.

–  If you are a grade 6 you must pass the physical test and two (2) maintenance field assessments.


2) Pay your annual registration fees to USSF ONLINE only

3) Take your Refresher Test ONLINE only

RECERT CLINIC Required Training:

–  We will review recent changes to USSF Laws, Procedures, Position Papers and USSF Points of Emphasis for 2015. You must attend an Annual RECERT Clinic.

ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY (not for new referees)

– REGISTER ONLINE and pay your renewal fees. This is NOT for new referees. Register with a credit card before attending a RECERT Clinic at the following site:


–  You must have a charge card. VISA or MASTERCARD are accepted


– Take the test online at home. No need to sit in a classroom for 2 hours. You can take as many times as needed to pass. You must pass the exam. The exam link and password will be posted as needed annually once the test is available.


If you are an AYSO referee and wish to cross certify please contact the Hawaii Registrar /or SRA for more information. You may download the crossover form from the USSF website.

Clinics will always be announced on this website. If you see another announcement always verify here for the date, time and place.